Wool & Sheepskins

Available in Kelowna or shipped within Canada. Use online store or contact us to order.

Wool Batting

Sheets of carded wool for quilting, felting, or spinning each batt is approximately 96 inches x 62 inches and weighs between 1 and 2 lbs.


Available in white and black.

Price is $22/lb + GST

Wool Roping

Thick, continuous cords of wool for hand-spinning or hooking rugs and saddle pads. Can be used for felting as well.

Available in white or black.

Cost is $22/lb + GST


Hand tanned sheepskins - done on farm. Tanned with alum and neatsfoot oil. Great for newborns, furniture & pets.

Many different sizes and styles available - contact us to book an appointment to view.

Price varies, $100 being the standard.

(778) 581-8561

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