Why Grass Fed?

Ruminants, such as cows and sheep, have evolved over thousands of years to be able to reap nutrition from grasslands. Ruminants have 4 compartments in their stomach which enables them to do so. Mono-gastric animals, like people, pigs and dogs, have only 1 compartment in their stomach and cannot be fed strictly grass to survive. There is amounting evidence that the fats within 100% grass-fed beef and lamb are much healthier for us. While it's evident that once you start feeding grain, the animals love it. We also notice it makes them more agitated. We feel that it's in a ruminant's nature to be raised on only pasture and choose to raise our sheep that way.  

Be careful! The grass vs grain fed debate is a hot topic amongst producers, re-sellers and consumers. We encourage you to seek out more information on the matter to form your own opinion.For more information, here is a Canadian site that is promoting a grass fed revolution.

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