Production Practices

We believe that agriculture can be regenerative. When properly planned and executed, farmland can be transformed to hold more water, store carbon and be very green. As stewards of this land, we want to preserve the health of the soil and water so that many farmers after us will have the opportunity to grow food here and feed the community.

All of our animals are on rotational management within our pastures. The amount of time spent on a specific piece depends on the species and quantity of forage present on the pasture. Ideally, animals are moved daily or several times per day. We move our chickens daily and while our sheep rotations vary but never spend more than 2.5 days on a piece. 


Some of the benefits of rotational grazing are as follows:

  • Pastures are given time to recover after grazing thereby increasing forage production, soil health and drought resistance.

  • Parasites are left behind when animals move to a new parcel making us less reliant on medication against pathogens.

  • More time with our animals moving them daily means we get to assess their health and be pro-active should problems arise. 

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