Pastured lamb. 100% grass finished with no routine medication or antibiotic free

This is a deposit for a whole or half lamb that will be available in late August and fall.


Price is $8/lb for whole and half carcasses weighing approximately 50/25 lbs.

Custom butchering, wrapping and freezing is available at an additional $45


We will contact you once we have received your order for your preferred delivery date, lamb size and cutting instructions. 


Orders are for pick-up on farm or delivery within Kelowna only.

  • Price Breakdown

    Price dependant on carcass weight, which vary from animal to animal

    Order Weight Cost (8$/Lb.) Cut/Wrap Fee ($0.95/Lb.) Final Cost
    Whole Lamb 50 lbs $400 $47.50 $447.50
    Half Lamb 25 lbs $200 $23.75 $223.75



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