Custom Lamb Processing

Provincially Inspected Class A Facility #BC 43

We currently offer custom slaughtering and butchering services for sheep and goats. 

We encourage producers to give us a minimum 2 week notice.

Please contact as early as possible if you have a larger flock.

Please get in touch regarding any questions. 

Cleanliness is a high priority for us. We encourage any clients to come see for themselves.

2020 pricing



Slaughter (weight = carcass/hanging weight)


<70 lbs                        $50

70-79 lbs                    $55

80-89 lbs                    $60

90-99 lbs                    $75

100 lbs+                      $0.80/lb



Cut + Wrap + Freeze (weight = carcass/hanging weight)

Custom Cuts or Standard Cut


<65 lbs                        $50

65-75 lbs                    $60

75 lbs +              $0.85/lb


(778) 581-8561

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