Farm History

The founder of the current sheep farming enterprise is named Sue. She first saw this land in 1988, and she fell in love with the open grasslands, the giant fir trees on the hilltop, the little brooks banked with wild rose, red osier dogwood, and willow. She imagined grazing sheep.

A neighbor who grew up here in the 1930’s showed us a photo of himself on horseback herding cattle on “The Ranch.” In the 1950’s dairy cows grazed the fields and were milked in a wooden barn with a milk room insulated with sawdust. But by 1988 the farm had been without livestock for years, and a real estate company was promoting it as a potential golf course.

It has taken many years of hard work to restore the pastures and to build fencing, a lambing shed, and more recently, a meat shop on the site of the old dairy barn. The first sheep with their guardian donkey Renee arrived in 1993 and the ewes have been selected over many generations for hardiness, productivity, and quality meat and wool.

In 1996 Sue’s brother Mark and his wife and four children moved into a 1909 heritage house which they had relocated from downtown Kelowna to the farm. Mark has restored this lovely Arts and Crafts style farmhouse and now operates it as a country inn.

Faced with new provincial meat regulations in 2007, Mark and Sue decided to build a combination abattoir, butcher shop and retail store on the farm to avoid transporting livestock and to retain control over meat processing. Since construction was completed, the facility has been operating as a fully licensed provincial abattoir offering custom processing services to other farmers as well as processing our own lamb and sausage.

Preserving farmland and farming is necessary not only for our health but also for the health of our communities. Sue decided to donate her farm with all the amenities upon retirement to a land trust so that the community of Kelowna can be ensure to reap the benefits of local farmland.

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