More About Us & The Way We Farm

Hello! We are Cecilia and Kevin, your farmers in Kelowna!  We have moved onto the farm and taken over the farming activities at Kelowna Free Graze Lamb since January 2018. After several years of apprenticing on other farms, we had an incredible opportunity to come out here and be apart of an emerging cooperative as this farmland is in the process of being donated to the BC Foodlands Cooperative.

Cecilia is very fond of animals and enjoys training Scout, our guard dog. In addition to farming, Cecilia is a full-time nursing student at UBCO. She hopes to balance the passion of a farm livelihood with direct community outreach. Kevin's background is in the agricultural sciences and loves tending to gardens, fruit trees as well as the animals. Before coming out to Kelowna, he attended Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Ottawa to honour and contribute to the farm to table movement.

Part of our team is our guard dog Scout that you can see above taking a rest in the shade with her flock of sheep. 

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