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  1. Summer on the Farm

    July 16, 2012 by Kevin

    Summer is well underway at the farm with cherries, Saskatoon berries, raspberries and apricots ripening¬† in rapid succession. In addition to all the regular day-to-day operations like looking after the flock, mowing the pastures, and making sure the young lambs are happy and well-fed, we’re also continuing work on the equipment shed behind the meat shop, processing and storing all fruit, and entertaining groups of summer visitors. Our largest lambs are now weaned and nearly ready for sale to customers who ordered this spring. Please browse the rest of the site for specific information on meat and wool products, other photos, and check out our contact us page to get in touch. Also don’t forget to like our new Facebook page!

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  2. Lambs Born in March 2011 Now Ready to Grill

    August 2, 2011 by Kevin

    Now that we have some hot summer weather, it’s time to get out the grill! Our single lambs are coming ready for you. The first batch is now being cut and wrapped for customers who preordered wholes and sides. Whole lambs range from 42 to 46 lb. A side costs only $120 to $140, including cutting and wrapping, and will fit into approx. 1.3 cu. ft. of freezer space.
    This price includes delivery in Kelowna and a money-back guarantee!

    If you order soon, your cut and wrapped lamb will be ready approx. August 17. Just click on Contact Us or phone Sue at 250-861-7005. Please see the Meat page and click on Lamb to see what cuts you can expect from a side of lamb.


  3. June Photos

    July 10, 2011 by Kevin

    Here are a few new photos from late June. The pasture is greening up, the meat shop is nearing completion, and it’s shaping up to be a busy summer on the farm!

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