Did you know that grass-fed meat is lower in fat and cholesterol, higher in beneficial Omega Three fatty acids, CLA’s and Vitamin E than feedlot meat? See for the latest studies showing the health benefits of grass-fed meat.

Kelowna Free Graze Lamb is located on the moist meadows near Mission Creek in Kelowna, BC. We produce grass-fed lamb and sausage for sale directly from our farm to local customers.

From mid-April through late fall, our lambs graze through a series of fields containing a diverse mixture of grasses, legumes and other broadleaf plants.  Kelowna Free Graze lamb is cut into tender roasts, chops, and braising cuts in our on-farm butcher shop. Whole carcasses are also available for spit-roasting. Our sausage is ground from meat of our adult sheep, mixed with herbs and spices, and packed into pork casing.

Here at Kelowna Free Graze Lamb, we strive to produce healthy meats in the most responsible manner possible. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used on the pastures, which are kept fertile through carefully timed rotational grazing, clipping and application of manure. The livestock are bred and managed to develop immunity to disease so that routine medications are not needed. In all aspects, our mandate is to work with mother nature in order to provide our customers with local, sustainable food.

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