Our aim at Kelowna Free Graze Lamb is to bring you tasty, healthful, farm fresh local lamb. 100% grass-fed, our lamb is raised with no routine medication on organic pasture and local hay from mid-April until ready for sale. Each lamb is inspected and processed in our on-farm provincially licensed abattoir and available as a whole or half carcass or cut and wrapped to your order. Please phone Felicity and Gordon at 250-861-7005 or click Contact Us to inquire or place your order for lamb or wool. For reservations at the guest house, please phone Mark at 250-860-6108.

Latest News From the Farm...

  1. More Lambing Photos

    March 25, 2015


    So far we’ve had quite a few “multicolour” births: This ewe is taking care of her twins under the shelter of the trees; a black male and a white female.


    One of our first lambs of the year, showing off his stature.


    The timing of spring this year has been perfect for the sheep. We have been able to turn the ewes out onto pasture to have their lambs. The nutrition boost of fresh grass has come right when they most need it to nurture their newborns.


    Drinking in the sunshine.


  2. Lambing Season and Order Info

    March 7, 2015

    Lambing has begun! Our first two young’uns are twins; one male one female, and mamma is doing a fantastic job of looking after both of them. Life is good!

    This ewe is an exemplary mother.

    We have started getting inquiries from customers interested in ordering lamb.

    HOWEVER, we are not officially going to start taking orders and deposits until the lambs are all born  –  which should be by the end of March.  When we are ready to take orders, we will make a post on the website and on our facebook page, and there will be clear instructions about how it will all work.

    For NOW, if you would like to be added to our contact list please feel free to email or phone us anytime.


  3. Seeds and dirt

    February 6, 2015

    We’ve been working on our garden plan – asking ourselves the really hard questions like: How many row feet of beans shall we grow? When shall we plant the cucumbers? And we’ve got it all tabulated into a spreadsheet… so next thing is to get it into the ground! But not quite yet. Unfortunately it’s still quite cold and mucky outside – but it’s not too early to start seeding transplants indoors!

    Here we have the beginnings of the vegetable garden. It starts, interestingly enough, in the kitchen – in front of the south-facing window for maximum sun and heat exposure. Onions, leeks, and green onion seeds are hiding in the dirt there, and in the mason jars are soon-to-be-sprouting sweet potatoes. Mhm!

  4. Welcoming February

    February 1, 2015

    This winter there have been several new members added to the farm: Felicity and Gordon (humans), Maizy (border collie), Kerbani (akbash), a small flock of chickens, and Claire (the cat, aka “The Boss”). We are all settling in quite nicely, and it’s been wonderful to go through the process of meeting new friends and neighbours and to begin learning the lay of the land around here. It sure is beautiful – we are very lucky.

    We were enjoying the sunshine yesterday; took the opportunity to get some frozen waterlines working again, and to set up a new sheep feeder – and now it’s snowing. Ah February! So I guess it’s a good day to clean the house, bake some bread, and do those indoor chores.

    Kerbani, our Akbash sheep guardian puppy, manages a clean getaway after brazenly stealing one of the goat’s cucumbers yesterday.

  5. Coming Soon

    January 27, 2015

    With a visit from the website expert Jon, back from a session working with Engineers Without Borders in Ghana, we will be uploading more farm photos soon!

    jon The Guru Himself